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The Idaho Department of Environmental Quality awarded a $7,410 drinking water planning grant to the City of Dover.  The funds will be used to prepare a drinking water planning study.  The purpose of the project is to evaluate the drinking water system and develop alternative plans to address growth and redundancy requirements.  The remaining $7,410 of the $14,820 project will be funded by the City.

Published in AIC newsleter - December 7, 2015 - Posted by:  Gay Dawn Oyler

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Dover Idaho!

Photo of the historic Dover Community Hall

Dover is a small bedroom community with a storied history and a bright future.

Water and sewer

Water rates

Starting June 28th, 2016 – per Resolution No. 120, the City of Dover has a new water rate structure.

Parks and trails

Trails and Parks

An extensive network of trails that links Dover to the surrounding area.