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Dover City Park

Dover City Park

Comprised of 3,300 feet of public use waterfront, the park is located west of the marina and City Hall, on a sandy stretch of land next to Brown’s Bay Inlet. Along with the swimming beach, the park offers picnic tables, BBQ areas, a playground area with playground equipment, public restrooms, native plant gardens with interpretative signs, and plenty of grassy areas for your enjoyment.

The park is open everyday of the year, beginning one-half hour before sunrise and closing a half-hour after sunset. During the winter months, the trails will not be maintained and the public restrooms are closed. The parking lot adjacent to the park will be plowed.

Dogs must be on a leash when in the area and no alcoholic beverages are allowed on any City property and/or park areas.

Please refer to City Ordinance No. 126 for more information on the use of City properties and parks.

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Dover Idaho!

Photo of the historic Dover Community Hall

Dover is a small bedroom community with a storied history and a bright future.

Water and sewer

Water rates

Starting June 28th, 2016 – per Resolution No. 120, the City of Dover has a new water rate structure.

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Trails and Parks

An extensive network of trails that links Dover to the surrounding area.