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Artist Spotlight: Doug Flückiger

August 27, 2018

These Photo-Like Drawings

…hanging at City Hall are the work of local artist Doug Flückiger. The unique graphite scenes capture the timeless beauty of light and shadow that is so often overlooked today. Doug’s love of the Idaho wilderness is a constant source of inspiration for his drawings, which can take days to complete.

Living out here, you have to either be retired or bring your work with you. My work is drawing. I’ve been blessed with the ability to draw so realistically that virtually everyone who sees my drawings thinks they are photographs. And I’m surrounded with a lifetime of source material: There’s more beauty in these mountains than I could ever capture. So over the years I’ve drawn these mountains and trees, the snow and rocks and water, the light and rain and mist; and I’ve loved doing so. But I’ve barely scratched the surface of possibilities.” Read more… 

Doug’s work is currently available for purchase at the POAC gallery exhibit here in City Hall or online at

Photos courtesy of Doug Flückiger

City of Dover

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