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City Officers & Staff

City Clerk – Responsible for council agenda, agenda information and minutes; recording, storing, and retrieving of City documents including contracts and agreements; procurement; boards and commissions.

City Attorney – Represents the City in all legal matters and compiles contracts, ordinances, resolutions and other documents necessary for operation of City government.

City Treasurer – Responsible for all activities concerning City finances including investment, financial reporting and fulfilling regulatory requirements.

Mayor – Executive and administrative officer, directs and supervises employees and recommends adoption policies.

City Council – Legislative body of the City, enacts ordinances, establishes policy, adopts budget and sets service fees.

Departments & Commissions

Building Department – Responsible for code enforcement of buildings.

Dover Urban Renewal Agency (DURA) – Board that administers the urban renewal agency and revenue allocation financing for the Dover Bay area.

Planning and Zoning – Responsible for: subdivision review, zoning admin, sign permitting, lighting standards, code enforcement, floodplain admin, capital improvements planning, and growth policy development and implementation.

Roads and Streets Department – Maintenance of the public roads and streets in Dover including snow removal, dust control, etc…

Water Department – Treatment and distribution of public water.

Wastewater Treatment – Collection and treatment of domestic wastewater.

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