Want to Build in Dover?

All forms required for the permitting process can be obtained  through our contract city planners:

Ruen-Yeager & Associates

219 Pine Street, Sandpoint, ID 83864

Phone: 208-265-4629

email: cmarley@ruenyeager.com or ladair@ruenyeager.com

The planners will set up a project checklist, fee sheet, and packet of application documents for you. You are welcome to email project information and parcel data to the planners, so they can set up the application packet in advance of your visit.

All applications shall include one electronic .pdf copy of the building plans. All building permit applications for properties within Dover Bay PUD need only submit the electronic copies. All other applications require 2 full-sized paper copies of the plans along with the electronic copy.

All applications for dwellings and commercial buildings shall include insulation values, energy efficiency ratings of windows and doors, showing compliance with the adopted energy codes. The applicant may also use “Rescheck” or “Comcheck” to provide the City with an energy conservation compliance report.

City staff will route the building permits for Dover Bay PUD projects to DBS electronically. All others will be transmitted to James A. Sewell & Associates, Inc. as paper copies.

Prior to issuance of the building permit, Ruen-Yeager will collect the final fees for Dover Bay PUD projects. Electronically approved plans will be available to the City from DBS. Sewell will collect fees and issue the permits for all others.

All projects started by Sewell will be completed by Sewell.

All project routed to the State will be inspected and finaled by DBS. Those permits routed to DBS will have a new process for inspections. An inspection summary table will be provided. A legible copy of the stamped, approved plans must be available at the time of inspection or the inspection cannot be completed. DBS is available by telephone during regular business hours to respond to code-related questions.

The State will conduct all final inspections for building permits routed to it. Certificates of occupancy and temporary certificates of occupancy will be coordinated with the City of Dover and DBS for all permits routed to the State. All others will continue the existing process through Sewell.

** Beginning 2019 we will offer payment via debit or credit card as well as ACH (Automatic Clearing House) payment direct from checking accounts **


City of Dover (208) 265-8339

City Planning & Zoning, Ruen-Yeager & Associates, Inc. (208) 265-4629

Pat Park, Building Inspector – James A. Sewell & Associates, LLC (208) 263-4160

Rick Hill, Building Inspector – State of Idaho Division of Building Safety (208) 215-0211