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ONTARIO Project Update

October 13, 2017

**ONTARIO Project Update – 5/14/18**

Monday, 14 May 2018

Ontario Street will be closed beginning Monday, May 14 for work crews to complete the final paving portion of this project.  Closure from Canoe Cove to NW Dr. will remain in effect until Friday, May 18th or until work is completed.

Thursday, 16 November

Ontario Street is now open! The paving portion of the project will be completed in the Spring of 2018 however, the road is currently open to travel on the crushed rock surface in place now.

Thursday, 9 November

Construction is progressing well and on schedule for the road to reopen in mid-November. The new culvert is installed, the water line has been repaired and the sewer line installed. The subgrade is nearly done and base rock should be placed soon. It is unknown at this time whether we will have adequate weather for paving. It’s not looking favorable for this year due to rain and cold temerature projections. There are contract contingencies in place for spring paving should that be required. The road will be reopened with a crushed rock driving surface even if the paving is not completed before winter.

Friday, 3 November

The new culvert is installed and the contractor will work for the next week repairing utilities and rebuilding the road. Since we are not getting a nice long fall, we may have to pave the road next spring since the temperatures are projected to be lower than allowed for paving. This was expected and in our contingency plan. The road will be re-opened when done (less pavement) through the winter as a gravel road. The project is on schedule for a mid-November opening.

Friday, 27 October

Syringa Water District has been contacting residents in the area near the construction project to make them aware that Monday, October 30th will be the day that water service will be temporarily unavailable.

Thursday, 26 October

Excavation is underway to remove the old culvert. The project is progressing as expected. Temporary water service shut down to Canoe Cove for installation of temp waterline bypass will happen on Friday, October 27th. The contractor has been coordinating with Syringa Water District. One last water service interruption will occur at a later date for permanent water line repairs. Construction site safety – Children are still crossing through the construction site and we ask that residents discourage anyone walking through the construction site as it is now a deep and dangerous excavation site. Your cooperation is appreciated.


Friday, 13 October

Ontario Street will be closed to all traffic from Monday, October 16 through Monday, November 13 for construction. For construction updates, please go to or call 208-265-8339.


Friday, 22 September

At the special council meeting held 9/21, City Council voted to accept a construction bid and move forward with the Ontario Street Emergency Repair Project. City Engineer, Jay Hassell of J-U-B Engineers, Inc. will be working with the contractor to put forth a tentative schedule of work to be completed. As new information is available, updates will be posted to our website. Please check back often and look for the news title with the most current date listed.


Tuesday, 05 September

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Ontario Street Update | Dover, Idaho

Ontario Street will have both lanes open with temporary surfacing September 7. The speed limit will be strictly enforced until permanent construction is completed.

Use prudence while traveling Ontario. For updates please visit Thank you for your patience while the city explored all options to remedy this situation.


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