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Public Records Requests


For BIRTH, DEATH, MARRIAGE, or DIVORCE records, as well as property tax and property title information, contact Bonner County. Please complete this form to request a copy of City public records. Be specific as possible. The Dover City Clerk is happy to provide you with any City public records you request.

If we can process your request in less than half an hour, and the records can be sent electronically, there is no fee. If paper copies are preferred, or if the information cannot be sent electronically, you will be charged as follows. Additional charges may apply as per Resolution 57.

Up to 10 pages – no charge
10 to 100 pages – $0.10 per page
Over 100 pages – $0.15 per page

If more than three (3) working days are needed to process this request, the requester shall be notified with the documents or written response following within ten (10) working days.

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