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12″ Water Main Extension Update

September 21, 2022


Please see the following updates from the City Engineer:


Hot tap connection: A hot tap has been put in place so that a planned water shutoff is not necessary.


Trail access: Warning signs have been places at each of the main entrances to the main trails as well as additional signs at smaller trails. Caution tape has been placed along the easement corridor of the water main to note where construction would occur throughout the next month. For the safety of trail pedestrians, please DO NOT remove warning signs.


Clearing and grubbing: This will take place at the end of the week or beginning of next week- more updates to come.


In case of an unplanned water outage: The city has obtained a potable water truck for emergency use. The water has been tested and is being monitored so that it remains safe to drink if needed.

City of Dover

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City of Dover

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