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Avista Safety Inspections Beginning

June 11, 2024

Natural gas is one of the safest, most reliable fuels available and we offer our customers peace of mind by conducting routine leak safety surveys of our natural gas systems. These compliance-driven safety inspections help us keep our natural gas system safe and reliable.

Within the next 5-7 business days, we’ll be conducting safety inspections on natural gas pipelines and meters in the zip code area of 83825.

Inspections will be conducted by Heath Consultants, Inc., a trusted, Avista authorized contractor. Our contractors are easily recognized by bright yellow Avista Contractor safety vests and identification badges.

To complete the inspection, our contract technicians will need access to your property in areas where underground natural gas lines are located and to your gas meter. We understand these areas may be behind a closed or locked gate and would appreciate your assistance in providing access to our contractors.

No interruption to your service is required as part of this work. If the technician cannot access your property a door hanger will be left with a phone number to contact them directly to arrange a better time to conduct the inspection.

It is possible that technicians from different safety related inspection programs will visit your property separately during this timeframe. Please do not be alarmed.

If you have questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us at or call us at 888-407-0327.

City of Dover

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City of Dover

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