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National Groundwater Awareness Week

March 1, 2017

Groundwater Awareness Week

What is groundwater?

It’€™s the water that fills cracks, voids, and other openings in soil, sand, and bedrock.

Why is it important?
Persons with wells use groundwater for drinking water. Also, most groundwater flows directly into streams, rivers, and lakes from beneath.

How much is there?
About 99 percent of the available freshwater on Earth is groundwater.

Protect this precious resource!

1. If you own a water well, have your water tested yearly. Also test if there is a change in the odor, taste, or smell.

2. Don’t overapply pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. Use them in the recommended amounts.

3. When you’re handling hazardous substances, do so over cement to avoid groundwater infiltration or runoff into surface water from accidental spills.

4. Don’t dispose of any hazardous substances by dumping them on the ground, pouring them down the drain, or flushing them down the toilet. Contact local waste authorities about proper disposal of hazardous substances such as:

Pesticides/herbicides | Fertilizer | Paint/paint thinner | Oil | Antifreeze | Chemicals.

5. If you own a septic tank, have it inspected and serviced regularly to prevent a breakdown that could pollute your groundwater.

Download the Groundwater Awareness Flyer

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