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Transportation Master Plan

August 3, 2022

The Sandpoint Urban Area Transportation Plan (the Plan) is being developed by a
Multi-jurisdictional Planning Group (MJPG) including the following local stakeholders:
Idaho Transportation Department (ITD), City of Dover, City of Ponderay, City of
Kootenai, City of Sandpoint, the Independent Highway District, and Bonner County.

Together, the MJPG are developing a unified transportation master plan through
interactive stakeholder workshops and public engagement strategies. The Plan
will provide a transportation vision focused on the cities and lands adjacent to
Sandpoint to ensure adequate resources and activity are directed to the
transportation network, activity centers, and public domain within the urban
area boundary (UAB).

The study area used for this transportation plan is the Sandpoint
Urban Area Boundary, excluding the City of Sandpoint.
Therefore, the project includes parts of Bonner County,
the City of Dover, part of the City of Ponderay, and City
of Kootenai.



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