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Phase 1 of Ontario Street Project

May 27, 2022

Dover residents,

Ontario Street is being improved this summer. Phase 1 will begin the week of July 6th.

Dover Phase 1 of the two-phase project entails the installation of a pressure sewer main extension. Ontario Avenue will be closed; however, it will remain accessible to residents who have driveways connecting with Ontario or must use Ontario to access Canoe Cove. There will be brief delays when the contractor must work in the intersection of Ontario and Canoe Cove. After the first phase has been completed, a temporary gravel driving surface will be placed. During this time, Syringa Water District will also be independently performing water system upgrades in the intersection of Ontario and Canoe Cove.

If you require any special accommodations during these closures, please notify the Dover City Clerk at (208)265-8339. Emergency services will still have access during the closure with assistance by the contractor.

Please see the attached notice for more information.

Ontario Project Notification May 2022

City of Dover

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City of Dover

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